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Watercolor Moments

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"Art only begins where Imitation ends" Oscar Wilde


My work is about moments. I see our lives and our existence as endless layers of moments. My art is about these moments. The moments that are changing and having impact on other moments. Therefore, I have no specific or favourite subjects, and I am very eclectic in my choice of subjects. I believe in “space” as a subject that looks different with different objects placed in it. This is the reason for my extreme attention to composition in my art.

All that makes my art works very whimsical, often layered, with a lot of abstract spots and points of realistic details. I paint with watercolors because watercolor is the best medium for representing  such a changing structure of world spaces. The transparence of watercolor and the unique painting technique where loose and abstract strokes are used result in an artwork that is capable of capturing a moment that is open for interpretation. 

Everything inspires me to paint: every moment of life has its own beauty and deserves to be captured and to be shown. The only question is how? How to “create” this special moment on paper? How to make it smell like that moment, look like that moment and feel like that moment? These questions are the questions I ask myself during my art process and I always love to learn new ways of color control or new techniques and materials. 

Space is endless and is made of countless moments and my art process is endless as well. I create every day and every moment. When I can’t paint or sketch, I paint in my mind. One moment leads to another. I just can’t stop painting.

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is a brand name of an artist Sophie Rodionov


Sophie Rodionov is an Estonian-born based in Israel artist. Since 2013 she works as full time self employed artist, designer and illustrator with a range of art collectors, fashion and textile designers, brands and interior designers. Member of International Watercolor Society from 2017.

Her current work is a balance between abstract shapes and realistic forms, which shift between and create a layered world of captured moments. Sophie finds inspiration in every moment of life and trying to show that each moment deserve to be shown and has its own unrepeatable beauty.

Her works present in private collections of over the world, including United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, Netherlands and others. Sophie work with a numerous top-brands and create illustration designs for products of these companies (such as Papyrus, Metal Frame Works, Wendover Art Group and others).

Sophie cooperate with social un-commercial projects and trying to be involved by the art. Among these projects are BBC interior design show for people with disabilities, auction for the animal rescue farm in California, auction for ballet school, wall art for cat clinic of Wisconsin University and so on.

Sophie has a background as a glass artist and holds a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts from Haifa University.

Currently she based in Israel and find inspiration all around, she open for art travel opportunities with art classes and workshops.


2019- IWS Magazine (International Watercolor Society)

2017- SouthWest Art Magazine (Honorable mention in SouthWest Art Competiotion) 

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"Life isn't perfect, so why should art be?"


* I love art, live art, and breath art
* When I can't paint, I continue to paint in a mind
*I don't watch TV-shows
*In love with nature daily
* Married plus daughter plus cat - after 10 years of marriage I submit that this is the hardest "job"ever.
* I don't remember any joke, ever .... even it was told me 5 minuted before
* I have political dyslexia
* Highly influenced by Asian philosophy and art concepts
* The greatest achievement for me is to see my art on your wall

And... yes, I can not stop painting

P.S. love apples

About: News


2020, November - JIWI, IWS Japan and Japan watercolor institute, virtual International exhibition.

2020, October - Albi, France, International Watercolor Exhibition

2020, September - "Identity through watercolor", IWS juried exhibition and contest.

2020, August -"Our Wonderful World", International Watercolor Exhibition, Poland and Ukaraine

2020, March - IWS Israel Annual Exhibition, Israel

2019, September - Appreciation Award, Abu Rawash Prize, International Watercolor Contest

2019, July - Varna Internation Watercolor Triannale, Bulgaria


2019, April - Fabriano International Watercolor Festival, Italy


2016, October - Pittsburgh Watercolor Society’s
7oth Annual, United States
International Exhibition

2016, April - Watercolor Show, Gallerina Art Gallery, Israel

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Co-representative of IWS( International Watercolor Society)  Israel from 2019

Member of NWS (National Watercolor Society)

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