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Meet   the   Artist

Hello, my name is Sophie and I am happy to welcome you to my art space.



Sophia Rodionov  (b. 1881 Tallin, Estonia) is a visual artist based in Israel, working primarily in watercolor and mixed-media art.


She is founder of “CanotStopPainting Art Studio” which specializes in wall décor and which is collaborate with interior décor brands, architects and designers worldwide, such as GIRI Décor Gallery, Bed Bath & Beyond, Metal Frame Works, Wendover Art Group and others.


Sophie is a member of the International Watercolor Society since 2017 and a co-representative of IWS Israel since 2019. 


With background in East-Asian art and philosophy studies, her paintings draw from experiences and impressions of her own life through Japanese culture concept of pause or in quantum science words – antimatter of Universe interpretation. Sophia’s interest and deep love to nature impacting her subjects choice and artistic language in usage of organic shapes and forms on a verge of reality and abstractions. Sophia believes that art is reflection of other fields of human reality both visible and invisible while art is also the language which allows to think and create new essences.


She received her BFA (Visual Arts) from Haifa University ISRAEL in 2006. Since 2019 Sophie is co representative of IWS (International Watercolor Society) of Israel team participating and hosting watercolor events in Israel, online and internationally. Her watercolor works has been widely exhibited worldwide in Europe, United States and Japan. Sophie's artworks collected by more than thousand collectors worldwide.


Sophia has an experience in development of glass art objects technology creation for 4 years as part of her work as technology specialist in Glass Art Studio.  Her art was used in a TV project like BBC (England) Redecoration Show and “American Dream House” (United States).


Also, it is really important for Sophia to collaborate with not for profit projects and organizations, connecting to social causes through her art, especially if they are involved in nature and animals rescuing and young artists education.


Fun Facts

  • I love art, live art, and breath art

  • When I can't paint, I continue to paint in my mind

  • I don't watch TV-shows

  • In love with nature daily

  • Married plus daughter plus cat - after 10 years of marriage I admit that it is the hardest "job" ever.

  • I don't remember any joke, ever. Even if I heard it 5 minutes earlier

  • I have political dyslexia

  • Asian philosophy and art concepts have a deep influence on me

  • My greatest achievement is to see my art on your wall.

And... yes, I can not stop painting


P.S. I love apples

Sophia Rodionov Artist.jpg

Artist Statement

Sophia Rodionov Artist.jpg

My art is my way to survive in a material world since very beginning of my life. I felt like I’m on a verge between the world of reality and spiritual levels of my existence. Art creation has turned to be my way of staying connected to the material world that allows me to live normal life and to be part of the community. 

My work is a reflection of the connections between real world and invisible spiritual world through lenses of my self-discovery endless process. I’m drawn to the intersection between the abstract and the concrete, the intangible and the tangible.

Through my work, I aim to invite the viewer into the world that is both familiar and unfamiliar, a world that challenges their perception and encourages them to explore their owl relationships with reality.


As world is extremely versatile I feel right to use wide range of medias and materials, therefore I use mixed media to create my art works. I love to use watercolor and flowing techniques of acrylic to start the work and then to add dry materials in intuitive painting process which resemble kind of meditation and connection to the spirit. This allows to create my own visual language which is natural continue of my philosophy and of my perception of connections within universe, nature, humans and between every single part of the world.



Composition is one of my interests of self and art exploration process. Space is one of the main visual components of the real world. It is able to change depending on time, seasons, circumstances, objects placements, emotions, experience of viewer. The processes of space changing fascinate me and I just can’t ignore this in my art and self exploration journey.  


Ultimately, my art creating the space on a verge between visual and not visible world, it is a journey of the human experience and an invitation to engage with the world in a more conscious way.

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