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Previous Collections

Perfect Day for Banana Fish

This collection is inspired by the American author J.D. Salinger and his books, specifically the short story “The Perfect Day for Banana Fish”.

The mood in these books is something I feel daily - moments that easily become more meaningful and lose their edges or begin existing in another reality. Such moments look strange and familiar at the same time.

This collection presents familiar objects in a different way, demonstrating that we are free to see they way we want to see them. There is a world where you can decide that yellow is blue.  

Perfect Day for Banana Fish

Nordic Blue Collection

This collection is inspired by the winter season and the main color is blue. In this collection, I wanted to show that blue can be so rich and colorful.

This collection includes abstract florals, ballerinas, and abstract nature artworks.

Nordic Blue

City Vibes

City Vibes

This collection includes architecture sketches in mixed media - watercolor, ink, and other graphic materials from different cities of the world.

This collection is about rhythms and atmospheres created in different places around the world. Creating this collection was my way of exploring new places and remembering old places through the process of creating my art. 

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